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Oswal Cable Products

We at oswal cable deals in all types of PVC, EVA and plastic raw materials, chemicals and additives. We undertake specialized PVC compounding for various applications. Oswal is India's LEADING distributor OF polymer additives

OCP's primary objective is to exceed our customers expectations by supplying our products and services on time, every time and faster than anyone else in the sector; to virtually any delivery address.

Our philosophy is to simply listen to our customers needs and meet them head on. As a business objective this is often ignored, however for Oswal that's the reason we exist. We do not quote lead times we just ask when you would like your product delivered and then deliver on time.

We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quicker than any of our competitors.

Trading of polymer additives is our principal activity. We supply some or the other product to almost all possible types of plastics and rubber industry.

We supply worldwide and pride ourselves on the fact that we can deliver to many cities faster than a local competitor. No matter where you are, tell us when you want it and we will deliver on time.

We deal in the following products:

1. PVC RESIN: Suspension grade, Paste (emulsion) grade, Battery separator, Co-polymers, low K value resin (57/60), High K value pvc resin etc.

2. PLASTICIZER: DOP, DBP, DINP, DIDP, TOTM, DOA, CPW, EPOXY (Epoxidised Soyabean Oil), specialty plasticizers, food/medical grade and non toxic plasticizers.

3. EVA: EVA polymers (VA 18% - 28%), Additives (Finastat-9500, Plastaid-GR 943, Plastaid 440) , Finalux-G300E, DCP (99.2%), Impact Modifiers, Zinc Stearate, Zinc Oxide, Stearic Acid etc.

4. PVC HEAT STABILIZERS: Tin stabilizers (Butyl, Octyl, Methyl ), Lead, Barium/ cadmium/ One Pack stabilizers for all PVC applications, Liquid Mix Metal stablizers, Calcium-zinc, non toxic stabilizers, one pack stabilizers for various applications.

5. OTHER STABILIZERS AND SPECIALITY CHEMICALS: Bisphenol-A (Bayer, Germany), Impact Modifiers, Processing Aids, CPE (Chlorinated Poly Ethylene), UV stabilizers, PCRP (Tinopol), UV Brightener (Whitening Agent), ADCL (blowing agent), Release paper for PVC leather cloth.

6. FLAME RETARDANTS: Antimony Trioxide (ATO), Molybdenum, Zinc Borate, Alumina Tri-Hydrate (ATH), Chlorinated Poly Ethylene (CPE), DECA, Magnesium Hydroxide etc

7. WAXES, RUBBER ADDITIVES and OTHER CHEMICALS: Antistatic Agents, Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), Calcined China Clay, Talcum Powder, Impact Modifier, Processing Aids, Stearic Acid, NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) in powder form (Chemigum P83 and sunigum; Good Year, France), synthetic/amide/artificially prepared Waxes, Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) , Carbon Black, lubricants, flow improvers, gloss improvers, viscosity depressants, mould release agents, slip agents, anti-fog agents and anti-block agents and many more products available on demand.

PVC Rigid and Soft Film/Sheet PVC Wires & Cables PVC Footwear
Rigid & Flexible PVC Pipes PVC Fittings & Profiles EVA Footwear
Rigid & Soft PVC Moulding Items PVC Leather Cloth Rubber Products
PVC Rigid & Soft Compound for Various Applications Engineering Plastics
Rigid & Soft PVC Bottles & Jars LD Foam Sheet
PVC Toys
PP/LD/HIPS Masterbatches & Filled Compounds EPS/EPE PVC Plastisol Compounds
PF/UF/MF Moulding Powders Vinyl & Non Vinyl Automotives TPR/TPE Compounds

We are the distributors for:

Fine Organics
Shital Industries
Numaligarh Refineries Ltd
Indofil Industries Ltd
SCG Thailand
HPL Additives
Hangzhou Keli

We are the stockiest for -

Marcus PE Wax
PCC Taiwan
Anchor Daewoo